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Our Book And The Authors – “Kids”


Our Book And The Authors

With their exceptional first single “Two Weeks”, Grizzly Bear pretty much have the piano driven, vocal harmony ridden indie market secured. Coupled with the attention grabbing video, “Two Weeks” is a monster that unfortunately blocks out other piano driven, vocal harmony ridden indie from ever reaching the spotlight. Our Book And The Authors’ “Kids” is one such song that will probably go largely unnoticed this year. Significantly catchier yet arguably less poetic, “Kids” hooks you in immediately with the repeated statement: “It’s cold outside” and beautiful piano and vocal harmonies. The first song (not counting “Intro”) on their self titled debut, “Kids” is only one of the great tracks that make up what will likely be a severely underrated release.

Our Book And The Authors – Kids.mp3



Sleepless Nights, Rah Rah and Mt. Royal, May 29th, 2009



I’ve seen my share of great bands put on incredible shows on the stage at the Capital, from touring bands (The Dudes, Great Lake Swimmers) to more local acts (Kestrels, Smothered In Hugs) but nothing has ever topped the experiences I have had witnessing the Sleepless Nights. Joined by Regina’s Rah Rah and Mt. Royal from Medicine Hat, the Sleepless Nights graced the stage of the Capital once again last night as a stop on their cross-country tour with Rah Rah.

Taking the stage first, Mt. Royal demonstrated the reason I keep hearing their name. Playing a unique brand of Constantines-meets-Crystal Antlers rock, they kept the growing audience captivated with their energy and rather than easing us into the night with gradual intensity, they hammered their instruments and set the bar for Rah Rah and Sleepless Nights to try and match.

After witnessing Sylvie play the Capital a few months back, I had high hopes that Rah Rah (who share members with Sylvie) would meet or exceed the intensity displayed by their sister band. Needless to say I was not disappointed as the six member collective blasted through songs from their album, Going Steady. They kept things interesting with instrument and vocal duty swaps and a surprise confetti blast that covered the floor in glittery debris.

Playing a combination of new material, old classics and Turn Into Vapor staples, the Sleepless Nights demonstrated once again why they are one of the best bands from the region. Sweat poured as recently recruited guitarist Philip Clark brought the energy of his one man electronic band A/V from the floor of the Capital to the stage, and eventually on top of the railings, while singer/guitarist A.A. Wallace ripped up the solo on “Got Caught”. The band was joined by the members of Rah Rah for a climactic finale to the sing-a-long-able Turn Into Vapor highlight and closer, “Breathe Deep Tornado” that ended the night.

Good luck to all three bands on the remainder of their tours, hope to see you back here again soon.

Pictures from the show can be found here, and links to the bands’ respective MySpace pages are below.

Mt. Royal

Rah Rah

Sleepless Nights


R.I.P Jay Bennett



Even though I haven’t posted in a while (something that will change soon), I felt compelled to write about this. Despite being portrayed as a huge dick in the Sam Jones directed documentary I Am Trying to Break Your Heart, Jay Bennett was a key ingredient in the creation of two of Wilco’s best albums (Summerteeth, Yankee Hotel Foxtrot) and for that we are forever grateful. Sadly, Bennett died suddenly and unexpectedly in his sleep yesterday.

Wilco – I Am Trying To Break Your Heart.mp3 (from the album Yankee Hotel Foxtrox)