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Launched in January 2009, All Andrew’s Friends is a music blog based in Fredericton, New Brunswick, Canada that serves as a conduit for sharing the music that I love and news about the artists who make it.

I guess it should be noted that I (mostly) do not know the artists who appear on this blog personally. I stole the name of this blog from a song by Sleepless Nights to reflect that the artists you can read about and listen to on this blog are my best friends in many ways; there will never be a time when they won’t be there – massive technological failures notwithstanding. Or maybe I chose it because my name is Andrew…

If you are an artist and would like a review of your music to appear on this blog…
OR if you are an artist and you would like your music removed from this blog…
OR if you have large sums of money to give away…
OR if you are an average person with anything at all to say…

Contact Me!

Email: allandrewsfriends@gmail.com

Twitter: AndrewsFriends

Tumblr: Andrew Olsvik

Last.fm: Olsvik

GoogleWave: allandrewsfriends@googlewave.com

Pen and Paper:

Andrew Olsvik
646 Kings College Road
Fredericton, NB
E3B 2G8


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