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[New Friend] Joe Pug


Joe Pug

Sometimes, there just isn’t anything else to say:

“While most singer/songwriters are content to warble out a few semi-clever turns of phrase, Pug’s scorching poetry and soulful, ‘every phrase could be my last’ voice will stop you cold … Twenty years from now, lazy journalists will compare every halfway decent songwriter to Joe Pug. Mark my words.”

–Jason Killingsworth, Deputy Editor, Paste Magazine

[mp3] Joe Pug – “Hymn #101


A New Friend: Bandstand Busking


Bandstand Busking

Another new friend today, though this time not a band – a website. Similar to the excellent French website La Blogotheque and it’s Take Away Shows, London based website Bandstand Busking has filmed a wide variety of excellent bands playing on rundown bandstands in London. Featuring performances by Frightened Rabbit, Asobi Seksu, Of Montreal and Wild Beasts (to name a few), Bandstand Busking provides veiwers  with videos of great artists playing some of their best songs. While the quality is not always the best, especially the earliest performances, many of the videos are diamonds in the rough and contain a lot of great moments.

A few personal favourites;

Laura Groves (Blue Roses)
Frightened Rabbit
We Were Promised Jetpacks


A New Friend: Amazing Baby


Amazing Baby

Similar to yesterday’s new friend White Denim, today’s addition to the roster have also managed to slide through the cracks of countless genres and have avoided classification. Throughout their debut LP titled Rewild, Brooklyn’s Amazing Baby’s have placed songs miles apart in sound. From the at times Arcade Fire tinged opener “Bayonets” to the blatant Pink Floyd ripoff “Invisible Palace”, to the extremely unique “Deerripper” that preceeds the U2-meets-Interpol mutation “Old Tricks In Hell”, Amazing Baby have crafted an excellent debut that not only has the potential to place them on the map now, but leaves them a lot of freedom when it comes down to recording a follow-up. Rewild is available to listen to in its entirety here.

Invisible Palace.mp3

Old Tricks in Hell.mp3

Amazing Baby   Website / MySpace


A New Friend: White Demin


White Denim

Sounding unique without becoming too experimental or avant-garde must be a problem that every artist must eventually face. In the case of the Austin trio White Denim, they have met and triumphed over the challenge with their one of a kind musical concauction that leaves listeners dazzled. Keeping one foot firmly in the territory of garage rock, White Denim use the other to navigate and explore the sounds of punk, blues and psychedlia. The band has recently released their third full length album, Fits, from which the following two songs appear on:

Paint Yourself.mp3

El Hard Attack DCWYW.mp3

White Denim Website /   MySpace


A New Friend – The Pack A.D



Calling The Pack A.D a female version of the Black Keys is a cheap comparison.  Sure, they play blues rock and yes there are two of them…one plays guitar and sings and the other plays drums…and yeah I guess they kind of sound the same too, but damn, these girls have soul. Singer/guitarist Becky Black howls and growls like it’s her last day on the Earth while Maya Miller beats on her kit with an unrivaled fruiosity. The Funeral Mixtape, released last year through Mint Records surpasses anything those fellas in the Black Keys have done in the past few years, buy it.

The Pack A.D – Making Gestures.mp3


A New Friend – The Parkington Sisters



These five sisters from Massechusetts began their musical education early. Citing their parents and family as key influences and practicing their instruments from an early age, the sisters have developed into an extraordinary five piece band whose stripped down sound is characterized by their beautiful vocal performances and harmonies. The blend of calming string instrumentation and angelic vocals on “Deerheart” results in the most soothing environment imaginable. The sisters also tackle the Jeff Buckley version of “Hallelujah” and pull it off particularly well, capturing Jeff’s haunting vocal style perfectly. According to their home page they also do a version of Radiohead’s “High and Dry” which I would love to hear but unfortunately does not appear on their website or myspace page.

Listen to “Deerheart”, “Hallelujah” and more on their website.


A New Friend – The Rayographs



Admittedly, I have never been a huge fan of female vocalists outside of Beach House’s Victoria Legrand’s haunting pop melodies (or the ones with undeniably amazing voices, say…Amy Millan or Leslie Feist) but I am never opposed to checking out female-fronted bands. While Rayograph’s guitarist/vocalist Astrud Steehouder doesn’t really fit into either of those groups, her voice captivates you and brings you into The Rayograph’s realm of dark psychedelic rock. Check out these two songs from the band’s first 7″.

The Rayographs – Hidden Doors.mp3
The Rayographs – Gold Light.mp3