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[Interview] Crissi Cochrane


Crissi Cochrane

The Halifax based singer/songwriter Crissi Cochrane was kind enough to answer a few of my questions about influences and song writing, and drops a few clues about some of the people she has been collaborating with for her upcoming debut album.

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[What’s Up] Outstanding Friends of the Decade



I’ve always been a big fan of music lists, whether they are top 10 or 50, songs or albums, or decades or years. I’ve thought quite a bit about doing a list for this decade but couldn’t decide on the specifics until now.  First, I will be compiling a list of the 10 most outstanding songs of the year, starting with 2000 and ending with this year. Following that, a list of the 50 most outstanding albums of the decade will be published and finally, a list of bands that I think are worth watching going into 2010. Stay tuned.


Florence & The Machine – “Hospital Beds” (Cold War Kids Cover)



Florence Welch has blown up. With help from the BBC and NME, who added Florence & The Machine to the bill for their annual Awards Tour, Florence and her backing band have erupted onto the blog scene recently, complete with an extravagent ad at Stereogum that covers as much of the page as the content does. While their album, Lungs, deserves as much attention as it is getting, Florence’s cover of the Cold War Kids tune “Hospital Beds” rivals the original. Her soul inspired vocals soar above the stripped down instrumentation – all of the attention is focused on Florence’s beautiful voice. Below are Florence’s cover and the album version of the Cold War Kids original (a slightly different version appears on their EP, Up In Rags).

Florence & The Machine – Hospital Beds.mp3

Cold War Kids – Hospital Beds.mp3

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Fans of Explosions in the Sky, Mogwai; meet A New Silent Corporation


A New Silent Corporation

Italy might not be the first place that comes to mind when one thinks about post-rock, but judging by what I have heard from A New Silent Corporation, the nation’s historical aptitude for music has reemerged in an unlikely place. On their debut album, Everything Is Exactly As It Seems, A New Silent Corporation span their vast influences over six distinct songs that range in similarity from Explosions in the Sky to the heavier side of things like Red Sparrows or Russian Circles – though Mogwai is likely the most obvious comparison overall. Although it is relatively simple and straightforward compared to the rest of the record, that’s where the beauty of “Will Noise” (and the rest of the record) is. While it could possibly work as a background record, Everything Is Exactly As It Seems is best heard with complete attention and without distraction.

Will Noise.mp3

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Our Book And The Authors – “Kids”


Our Book And The Authors

With their exceptional first single “Two Weeks”, Grizzly Bear pretty much have the piano driven, vocal harmony ridden indie market secured. Coupled with the attention grabbing video, “Two Weeks” is a monster that unfortunately blocks out other piano driven, vocal harmony ridden indie from ever reaching the spotlight. Our Book And The Authors’ “Kids” is one such song that will probably go largely unnoticed this year. Significantly catchier yet arguably less poetic, “Kids” hooks you in immediately with the repeated statement: “It’s cold outside” and beautiful piano and vocal harmonies. The first song (not counting “Intro”) on their self titled debut, “Kids” is only one of the great tracks that make up what will likely be a severely underrated release.

Our Book And The Authors – Kids.mp3



Cymbals Eat Guitars – “Indiana”



A lot of people have a hate on for Pitchfork and their hype-generating Best New Music category but in my experience, more often than not, they are generally on the money. Admittedly, a lot of that has to do with having similar musical tastes to those who do the reviewing, but isn’t that the point? I always say, if you don’t like the kind of music Pitchfork represents, don’t read them and certainly don’t complain about them. I could care less what Metal Review hypes because, for the most part, metal isn’t really my thing. Music criticism/journalism is only valuable to you if you can find a magazine/website/critic that represents your tastes and introduces you to new stuff that you will enjoy.

Anyway. The latest enductees to Best New Music are Cymbals Eat Guitars and their album Why Are There Mountains. At times a heavier, noiser version of the 90s indie rock bands that influence them and at times channeling the shoegaze-pop sound made famous to the indie community by My Bloody Valentine, Cymbals Eat Guitars have crafted an album that will appeal to a wide variety of indie rock fans. Third song, “Indiana” is without a doubt the album’s standout track. Consisting of a Billy Joel-esque piano and vocal melody sandwiched between two less poppy sections, its catchiness is too high off the scale to be measured. Listen for yourself.

Cymbals Eat Guitars – Indiana.mp3


Marianne Faithfull Covers The Decemberists



For her upcoming album, Marianne Faithfull recorded twelve songs written by others, among them songs written by Neko Case, Brian Eno, Morissey and this song, The Crane Wife 3 by the Decemberists. This is a pretty decent cover if you can get over Marianne’s voice. The song features Nick Cave whose voice practically drowns behind Marianne’s howl. I’d much rather hear the song covered by Nick Cave featuring Marianne Faithfull. Listen to the song over at stereogum.